How to Recharge Disposable Vape – A Step-by-Step Guide

By Frank Smith Posted on: 01 Jan, 23
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Before the emergence of vape pens, consuming weed was loaded with a number of limitations. You were required to manually roll your joints, utilize a grinder, sort through the stems, and give your bong a thorough cleaning. The former way to get high was messy, made getting high less subtle, and needed a significant amount of cleaning up afterward. Since the year 2021, vaping cannabis has been the preferred method of consumption for those who smoke while on the go.

Vapes has a lot of types which include, Cig-a-likes, pod mods, vape mods, general vape pens, high-quality vape pens, and disposable vape pens. Among all the vape types, disposable vapes are the most popular. The most common reason for the growing popularity of disposable vapes is the undeniable simplicity that comes along with using them. It is indeed one of the most appealing features of these products. Living in a fast-paced, hectic world, it isn’t always easy to find the time to clean and care for your vaporizer to keep it functional and functional as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this in any case because there are some tips on how to recharge a disposable vape that will help you considerably by simply providing some extra batteries that could last longer while they give you an opportunity to use your device again.

A whole new category of disposable vaporizers called rechargeable disposable vapes is gradually making its way onto the market. Unlike disposable cigarettes, the batteries in these vapes can be recharged quite a few times, allowing you to keep vaping even when you run out of the e-liquid. But how to recharge a disposable vape? let’s find out.



How to Recharge a Disposable Vape?

As the name suggests, disposable vapes weren’t supposed to be used for an extended period of time. They are meant to have a sufficient amount of battery so that you may use the vape to its maximum potential before having to throw it away and purchase a new one; however, there are occasions when this is not the case.

There are a number of disposable vapes on the market today, and most of them do not come with an easy method for recharging the battery. In contrast, you can now buy disposable vapes with a built-in charging port, making it very easy to charge your vape. Perhaps the battery on your favorite disposable vape just ran out, and you don’t feel like going out to get another; there is a method for recharging your disposable vape device, regardless of the circumstances.



If The Disposable Has a Charging Pot

Here are some really basic and simple steps to follow if your disposable vape has a charging pot.

  • Find the charging cord that works with your device’s port.
  • Connect the device’s power cable to the socket and the wall.
  • Try using your disposable vaporizer after two hours.



If The Disposable Vape Doesn’t Have a Charging Pot


There is no need to worry if your disposable vape doesn’t have a charging pot. What you’ll be needing is a pair of scissors or any sharp flat object, a pair of tweezers, and an old USB charger. Once you have it, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • If you look closely, you may see a little gap at the base of your disposable. Pry open the base of your vape using a knife, pair of scissors, or flathead screwdriver.
  • The sensor of your vape and cables can only be reached by carefully removing the battery. Take careful notes on the arrangement of the cables since you will need to reassemble everything in precisely the same way after the battery has been recharged.
  • The vape battery’s red and black wires will be taped down for safety. Carefully peel back the tape.
  • Connect the exposed black and red wires from your USB charger to the exposed metal prongs on either end of your vape’s battery using your tweezers. Ensure that the USB charger’s negative wire is connected to the battery’s negative terminal and the positive wire is connected to the positive terminal.
  • Put tape on the device’s cables to keep them from moving around as it charges. The charging process will take a few minutes. Overcharging your battery might be harmful, so just charge it for a short time.
  • When your vape battery is fully charged, you may put it back in the device by adjusting the tape, inserting the battery, and reattaching the base.


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Why Are Disposable Vapes the Most Popular?


There are many advantages that arise when you decide to use disposable vapes over other forms of electronic cigarettes. And the reason is simple: they’re as straightforward as they sound. There’s no need to replace a battery, assemble coils, or deal with complicated parts, which tends to be a headache for new users. In fact, such simplicity makes these products very useful and reliable as an alternative to more expensive e-cigarettes.


Low to No Maintenance Needs

Disposable vapes do not need any maintenance and are ready to use immediately after being removed from the packaging. Due to this feature, disposable vapes are an excellent choice for those new to vaping or those who want to reduce smoking but have no prior experience with vaping. A majority of disposables are draw-activated, which brings them even closer to the feeling of smoking cigarettes that users want from vaping.


Easy to Find and Carry

Disposable vapes are also easy to find and purchase. Whenever the craving strikes, you can purchase it from the nearby store or supermarket; they are perfect for fulfilling all your needs. These small gadgets fit in your pocket and are cheaper than mod kits that are too hefty to carry anywhere.


Tastes Better Than Regular Vapes

There is a sound rationale behind the popular belief that disposable vapes taste better as compared to regular vapes. Because they are pre-filled, the cotton wicks in disposable vapes are substantially more saturated than those in standard kits. The cotton wicks in the majority of disposable vapes sit in storage after being built before being sold, often for months, before they are used. Every vapor knows that a well soaked produces the finest flavored vape.


Vast Range of Flavors

Device-disposable vapes offer a lot of perks to the user. They come with pre-filled e-liquids that are easily accessible without having to make a purchase from the store. The product also provides users with more options thanks to its additional flavors and additives. Some devices even come with a button that allows you to change the flavor of your vapor by pressing it a few times. This eliminates the need to make a new purchase every time you want to try out something new, which is convenient in case you fancy trying out different flavors. You’ll also need another device if you want your vape to be able to vaporize dry herbs or waxes, both of which are available as alternative options in this type of vaporizer.



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